What Are The Things You Must Not Do With Your Sofa

Sofa should be taken care of very well, or else, you might end up not maximizing its life expectancy. Apart from the things you need to do to keep the fine look of your sofa, there are also things you must not do if you want to make sure that your sofa will maintain its outstanding look for a long time.
To help you get started, and make sure that your sofa will live for a long time, here are things you must avoid so that your sofa will have a long life.

Things You Must Not Do With Your Sofa

Do you have a sofa? Keep in mind the following and make sure to avoid them:

 Jumping on it

Make sure that you do not let your children jump on your sofa. Sure, they may be lighter, but too hard pressure on the sofa may lead to its parts, especially the spring, broken. Children love to jump on the sofa because of its soft and bouncy texture, but unfortunately, if this they do too often, it may lead to it getting broken and losing not only its beautiful appearance but the sofa’s overall condition.

The life expectancy of sofa, like Abakus Direct L Shaped Sofas models, will definitely speed up if you let your children jump and play on it. Get an alternative like a mini trampoline or a separate play area where your kids an do their stuffs.

 Allowing your pets to play on it

As much as you want your pets to stay with you while you are watching television, it cannot happen as there is a chance that they may pee or poop on it accidentally. And also, if they have long nails, scratching on the fabric might happen too.

If you cannot stop yourself from playing with your pet, let them wear a nappy and make sure their nails are cut.